To the Church the Body of Christ


Your endurance will be tested, your faith re examined. If we abide in Him, the Holy Spirit will teach us how to think in dealing with any circumstance or condition. The Bible Prophets and those who chose to live the true faith who are now received into glory, foresaw these days by revelation and from that written in the Holy scriptures.

Our identity is with Christ, not with those who choose their identity with those who being reprobate and departing from Godliness open themselves to every influence of the powers of darkness, By their fruits you will know them. We are not alone, the Savior said " I will never leave you or forsake you". Let us guard our minds from unbelief and maintain focus on promises given that enable us to overcome whatever we are to face, the wise took oil with their lamps. We now have a time to prepare for what has been foreordained, but also that which is consequential. We all shall reap what we sow for all things are to come before the judgement of Almighty God. As there was corn in Egypt so there are resources available now. As in the days of Noah we see the identical conditions on every continent today. This is alarming but not to us for as Noah by his obedience saved himself and his family we also in obedience to His revealed will can save and preserve each other from the hardships that undermine the stability of life and existence. For some these events are already present. Let us daily pray one for another, for those we know and love, but also for others not known,  but are keeping faith likewise as us. For our identification is not by nationality, creed, color or group but as a corporate company the Body of Christ of whom Christ is the head.